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Mixology Classes for Bachelorette Parties 

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Fun Cocktail Making Classes For Bachelorettes Looking to book Fun Activities for your Bachelorette Party? We have the best Cocktail Mixology  Classes in NYC, Seattle, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis,  Madison, New Orleans, Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas - we cover all areas, select your location from  the right side of the screen and we’ll take care of the rest. We host weekly lessons for private  groups and bachelorette parties at our cocktail bars located downtown, book a mixology class  with our charming bartenders and see what it’s like to shake your own cocktails.   Chilled music, dimmed lights, hunky bartenders: we have what it takes to make your day nothing  short of extraordinary! Sounds good? Of course it does! Book with Mixology Classes US today and  get ready to party like a rock star! 
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Cocktail Making Parties For Bachelorettes  Cocktail Making Classes for Bachelorette Parties - Mobile Classes & Venues New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Los  Angeles...For a bachelorette party like no other our Cocktail Making Classes are one of the best  activities your money can get! Become a Cocktail Master with a private class from “Mixology US”   charming Mixologists! Your 90min session will have you shaking and muddling like a professional, mix-up 3 amazing cocktails handmade by you!  Fun Hands On Bachelorette Party Cocktail Master Classes available at the best venues in town or  mobile Mixology Classes at your apartment/house. Learn the art of mixing the perfect cocktail  with your own personal bartender, you will get your hands “dirty” at making every drink  demonstrated on the day and obviously you will get to enjoy your own “creations”. Sounds good?  Learn how to make your favourite concoction with cocktail making classes from Mixology Classes  US today. Get your friends together and book your cocktails making class on-line today!  
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