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Learn how to shake your favourite cocktails with our Mixology Classes in Denver for private  and corporate events. Have a a Cocktail Masterclass at our cocktail bars in town. Cocktail  Making Classes in Denver are the perfect way to get your team building event or  bachelorette party off to a fun start. The Cocktail Lessons begin and end with you learning a  bit of the history of the drinks, we explain the equipment and then you will get your hands  dirty at making your own cocktails as instructed by your own private expert Mixologist  bartender. Our mixology classes in Denver are so much fun you will want to come along and  try it again and again!  Send us an email and let us help you organise the perfect mixology party in Denver today! 
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Team Building Mixology Classes in Denver Professional Cocktail Services Available for Hire
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Mixology Classes Portland  Get your House Party started with a Bartender
Fantastic corporate Mixology Classes, bachelorette and birthday  cocktail making classes in Portland.   Our exciting cocktail making classes are the best possible way to  kick start the party in style. Let the talented, vibrant cocktail  bartenders teach you how to make, shake and muddle three  fabulous cocktails. Your mixology lesson in Portland is built for fun  and games but you will also learn a bit about the history behind  each cocktail and the about variety of spirits and liqueurs so that  you can impress your friends and family at your next party with  your new cocktail making skills. 
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Cocktail Masterclass for Corporate and Private Events    Book in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Miami...
Our Cocktail Making Classes are the perfect way to  get a party off to a fun start, are an effective team  building event, or offer that perfect date night idea  with a difference.   We offer tailored cocktail making classes experiences  for for groups of all sizes, from Date Mixology Classes  for 2 people to corporate cocktail making classes for  up to 200 per group. Our Cocktail Making Classes are  available to book any day of the week!
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Learn to Shake your best Cocktails Like a Pro with your friends at our Mixology Classes  Team Building Cocktail Classes NYC, Mixology Classes Boston, Cocktail Classes Washington...
Learn cocktail making skills in a standard  90min mixology class. This hands-on  experience will have you mixing-up 3  creative cocktails with your mixologist on  the day. Are you in the mood to party? Upgrade to a  Premium Class to include light appetisers  and an Open Bar session for your guests as  well! 
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Mixology Classes For Bachelorette Parties    Bachelorette cocktail making party Las Vegas, NYC, DC, Miami... Learn to mix your favourite cocktails like a pro with the best cocktail making activities in  town! Shake the night away with the help of a professional cocktail bartender, we aim to make  planning your hen party as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Book your Bachelorette  Party Cocktail Master Class with some of the best Mixologists around and let us shake your  night in style!   Fun and interactive mixology hands-on hen party activities , the Cocktail Making Class is  available to book New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Madison, Columbus, Minneapolis,  Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Detroit, Houston, Phoenix, Dallas and Miami  and many more - central venues & mobile cocktail classes - we got you covered! Let us help  you organise the perfect cocktail party for your bachelorette weekend celebration! 

Cocktail Mixology Classes New York  

MixIt up at your cocktail making class in NYC with Mixology US   From team-building cocktail parties to bachelorette nights,  corporate client events to leaving dos. Make it a memorable  event with the help of a Cocktail Masterclass in New Yo at our  venues in Manhattan.    90 minutes Cocktail Mixology Classes with a charming private  mixologist where you will learn how to shake 3 of your best  cocktails. Next get your hands dirty and get ready to shake it  up and put your new skills to the test in a Team Cocktail  Competition. Have your own ideas on how to do this? Talk to  us today, send us an email at 
Cocktail Mixology Classes Washington  Corporate Cocktail Making Classes for Team Building & Bachelorette in Washington Our cocktail making class activity in DC is great for special corporate events, or if you need  birthday party ideas in Washington. If you are looking for a team building exercise for your  employees, or organising bachelorette party a cocktail making class is great for bringing  people together, promoting team work and having fun in the process. We can organise the  mixology class at one f our venues in DC or we come to you. We offer 90minutes mixology classes where you will learn how to make 3 amazing cocktails,  larger groups will be split up in to teams and each team will work their way through a range of  different cocktails making techniques before they perfect the art of ‘mixology’. And the most  important part of the event …. You get to drink your cocktail creations while having a blast!  Team building mixology classes in DC, bachelorette or birthdays - we cover all of them! 
Cocktail Mixology Classes Boston  Fun Cocktail Making Classes in Boston If you are looking for a Mixology Class in Boston on-line we  have classes operating with top-notch bars and restaurants in  most states and our Boston Cocktail Making Master Class will  help you plan the perfect activity for your next corporate event,  bachelorette party or birthday!  Become a master of 'Mixology' in this fun interactive cocktail  course in Boston. Learn the latest techniques in a fun and  hands on environment including muddling and shaking and  creating the best cocktails. Perfect for corporate or private  events, send us an email at today. 
Cocktail Making Classes Seattle   Shake it Up in Seattle with the best Mixology Classes in town The best cocktail mixologists in Seattle and the crew at Mixology Classes US have teamed  up to bring you a unique team building hands-on activity in Mixology designed to bring out  the creativity you wish your staff had during work hours.   Check out our Mixology Classes in Seattle page and book your team building event or  bachelorette party online today! 

Mixology Classes for Team Building Events in Pittsburgh

Learn the beautiful art called Mixology in Pittsburgh with the help of a professional cocktail  bartender, shake the best cocktails with the crew at Mixology Classes Pittsburgh, Arizona!   Perfect for Team Building events, client entertaining, birthdays or bachelorette parties our  Cocktail Making Classes packages are tailored specifically based on your requirements. Join  a mixology workshop in Phoenix and together we will learn how to make 3 cocktails in a fun  and relaxed environment. For further details and availabilities contact the team at Mixology Classes Pittsburgh today! 
Cocktail Mixology Classes Philadelphia  Mixology Master Class for Corporate Events in Philadelphia Fun-filled cocktail mixology classes in Philadelphia hosted in our central located venues.  Celebrate your corporate event, bachelorette party or birthday cocktails with a cocktail  making class in Philadelphia. Its fun, its interactive and you will learn how to make 3 great  cocktails with a Mixologist so you can show off to your friends at your next cocktail party.   Book your Mixology Classes in Philadelphia here!

Cocktail Making Classes Oklahoma - Team Building & Private Classes

Corporate Events - Team Building - Birthday Parties - Bachelorettes Delight in a fun and classy cocktail making class in Oklahoma to launch your party, join the  fun and get ready to have a blast with the team shaking up the best cocktails as instructed  at your master class by your own private Mixologist!   Mixology is the perfect activity to kick start a get together and our Cocktail Making Classes  in Oklahoma are the best you will find in Oklahoma. Book a Standard Class to include a  lesson with 3 cocktails or go Premium for Open Bar and catering as well! 
Mixology Classes Dallas  Fun Cocktail Making Classes in Dallas Get behind the bar and learn how to make and shake cocktails  under the watchful eye of a mixologist bartender. Fun and  Interactive mixology lessons in Dallas for team building, birthdays  and bachelorette parties.  We have the best & finest cocktail making classes for hen parties  Dallas has to offer, the best venues in town serving amazing  cocktails and delicious food or mobile classes with your own Tom  Cruise for the evening!
Cocktail Classes Houston Fun Cocktail Mixology Classes in Houston Book Cocktail Making Classes in Houston Texas with Mixology  Classes US and get ready for a night of serious fun! There is no  better way to celebrate your corporate event, team building day  out, birthday or bachelorette party in Houston than with our fun  and hands on Cocktail Making Classes at the best bars in town! 

Mixology Classes in San Diego with Mixology US

Become a master of 'Mixology' in this fun interactive cocktail  course in San Diego. Learn the latest techniques of this beautiful  art called Mixology with your work colleagues, best friends or  clients and the team at Mixology Classes US!  For the best Mixology Classes in San Diego send us an email  today and let us help you plan the perfect get together! 
Cocktail Making Classes For Team Building and Bachelorette’s Fun Cocktail Making Parties in Chicago, Indianapolis and Raleigh

Cocktail Making Parties in Nashville

Where better way to learn the tricks of the cocktail making in  Nashville; our cocktail lounges & bars venues are renowned for  the quality of its bartenders. We offer regular 90 minutes  mixology classes where guests learn how to make an array of  refreshing concoctions. Perfect for mixologists of all abilities,  corporate events and bachelorette parties! 

Mixology Classes in Indianapolis

Fabulous. That's the word that instantly springs to mind when 

asked to describe the Mixology Classes in Indianapolis. The 

venue's expert in-house Mixologist will be on hand to guide you 

through the construction of three amazing cocktails and then you will get your chance to shake your own! 

Perfect for a customised corporate mixology events or bachelorette celebration in Indianapolis. 

Cocktail Mixology Classes in Raleigh 

A cocktail mixology class in Raleigh is aimed at those who like a good laugh, and also those who have a  competitive streak to them! You’ll learn the tricks of the trade from one of the venue’s seriously talented  bartenders, and you’ll also come up against everybody else as you battle to make the best cocktail!  
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Mixology Classes in Chicago Make your own cocktail class in Nashville Ever wanted to master the art of making a cocktail? Well now you  can, our Fun Mixology Classes in Chicago will have you mixing and  shaking in no time at all! Perfect fun activity for team building  events, office nigh out, bachelorette or birthday parties, join the  best Cocktail Making Classes Chicago has on offer! You will have your own personal mixologist to teach the Cocktail  Class for 90minutes who will guide you through the making of  three cocktails. You will get a brief introduction on the history of  cocktails before you get down to business and you get to shake  your own. Upgrade to our Premium Packages to include finger food  and an Open Bar session as well - we host the Mixology Class at  cosy downtown bars in Chicago or we can organise for a mobile  class at your location! Follow the link below for more details 
Cocktail Mixology Classes in South Beach, Miami  Mixology Events for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays and Team Building Events Cocktail Mixology Classes at South Beach, Miami the perfect bachelorette party activity – if  you’ve ever considered yourself a secret mixologist or if you’re simply looking to learn how to  make a cocktail take your best friends and book your place at the next available Cocktail  Making Class in South Beach, Miami with Mixology Classes US. Our Cocktail Making Lessons  are the perfect bachelorette celebration kick start in Miami!  We host our mixology lessons at some of the best cocktail bars in Miami, we teach hands on  workshops where you learn modern and classic methods of cocktail making and shaking. Your  party will learn step by step the art of Cocktail Making and you will get to shake your own.  Designed for everyone the course is highly interactive and great fun! Perfect for bachelorette  parties in South Beach! 
Mixology Classes - Fun Cocktail Parties
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Mixology Classes USA Hire a cocktail bartender for a corporate event - New York City, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami 
Private Mixology Classes   Cocktail Making Classes for Couples Our private cocktail making classes are a ‘hands on’ event  which will teach you the secrets of shaking your own  cocktails like a pro. Your personal mixologist will guide you  through the process of making 3 cocktails teaching you  how to muddle, mix and shake your own cocktails to  perfection. It’s an interactive 90minutes class that %100 is  guaranteed to be full of fun and laughter. 

Team Building Mixology Classes

Cocktail Making Classes for Office Parties & Client Events Book your mixology class at one of the many venues from the areas we cover or let us come  to you. For one day we will move the cocktail bar at your location. Learn the principles of  making a great cocktail from the entertaining mixologists at Mixology US.   We offer full hands on experiences like no other where you and your friends will get to live  the exciting life of a bartender “on the other side of the bar”. You always wanted to be Tom  Cruise in the hit movie “Cocktail”, this is your chance to make it happen!  
Cocktail Making Classes Las Vegas Learn to make cocktails in Las Vegas with the Mixology US crew! Save time searching on-line for Cocktail making classes in Las Vegas - Discover our Great  cocktail courses in Las Vegas with Mixology Classes Us - Discover Las Vegas! We make booking a mixology class in Las Vegas a snap! With over 20 cocktail making  venues in Las Vegas to choose from you will have a fun and interactive cocktail lesson for  team building and bachelorette parties in how to shake the best drinks. Your group will  have the experience of making three cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment together  with a professional Mixologist. Book your very own Cocktail making class in Las Vegas and  have fun shaking the bar with the expert cocktail bartender trained in the art of Mixology -  Cocktail Making, perfect for bachelorette parties and corporate events. 
Cocktail Making Class Phoenix Learn the art of Mixology in Phoenix Arizona Recommended mixology classes in Phoenix for team building,  bachelorette and birthday parties. Everyone loves a good cocktail  and it's no secret that Phoenix has some great cocktail bars.   There are some fabulous cocktail making lessons in Phoenix  perfect for special occasions like birthday parties, work parties or  just a group of friends wanting to try something new in  Pittsburgh. We've searched the town from tip to toe and put  together this list of the best cocktail making classes and tailor-  made cocktail making classes available too so make sure to  contact us here. 
Team Building Mixology Classes Corporate Mixology Classes Client Events Mixology Classes Birthday Party Mixology Classes Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes Couple Mixology Classes Open Day Mixology Classes
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Learn how to make the best cocktails in Madison with Mixology  Classes US, Wisconsin’s top Cocktail Making Classes! Have fun, learning how the professionals make cocktails in  Madison. You will learn new skills and tricks of the trade in a  fun and relaxed environment that will build your confidence at  making and presenting cocktails at your next party at home.    Book a private mixology class for your next team building  event, birthday or bachelorette party in Madison and learn the  art of Mixology for the best cocktail bartenders in Wisconsin.  Want to know more about our cocktail classes in WI? Talk to  us today, send us an email at 
Mixology Classes Columbus, Ohio  Team Building Mixology Classes for Corporate Events & Bachelorettes in Columbus, Ohio Want to make delicious and fun cocktails like a professional mixologist? With our tailor-made  mixology classes in Columbus, you’ll learn from the best mixologists Columbus has to offer with  years of experience. You’ll also get the opportunity to design your own exclusive cocktail under  the watchful eye of one of our expert mixologist on the night.  Perfect for corporate functions, team building events and bachelorette nights in Columbus. 
The Mixology Company - Team Building Cocktail Making Classes Mixology Classes US is a company specialised in providing  team building cocktail making classes for corporate clients, birthday  parties or bachelorette party cocktail making classes. For a team building experience like no other, our Cocktail Making Classes  have been voted as the “one to go for”. With offices in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,  Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix, Madison, Minneapolis, Dallas and Miami we are able to organise a mixology class in most areas! 
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