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Mixology Classes Atlanta Mixology Parties for Team Building, Bachelorettes, Birthdays and Couples Classes in Atlanta
mixology classes Atlanta
Learn to Make Cocktails Like Pro’s in Atlanta with Mixology Classes US Cocktail Making Classes For Corporate Events, Bachelorettes & Couples Planning a corporate event in Atlanta? The annual office night out, holiday party or client event? Think outside the box and book more than just a meal! Mixology Classes make private parties come to life. Have the time of your life with a mixology workshop hosted at our cocktail bars downtown, these are the best cocktail making classes Atlanta has to offer!
Learn the  Art of Cocktail Making & Shaking in Atlanta Mixology classes Atlanta - the perfect team building event, bachelorette & couples activity!
Learn to make cocktails like a Pro in Atlanta with Mixology US Are you looking for fun things to do for your next corporate event or team building office night our  in Atlanta?  Go on...you know you want to ..... why not get your party to a great start with a fun  mixology class from the comfort of local cocktail bars located downtown Atlanta! A mixology class is  by far the activity voted as “the one to go for” by all our clients, we help planning numerous team  building events weekly in Atlanta and we would love to work with you as well! Book your mixology  class with the professional crew at Mixology US and let us kick start your party in style! 

Team Building Cocktail Making Classes

Want to learn the basics for making cocktails, what goes together and what doesn't, what tastes  fantastic and how to make it look sensational? We can help, at Mixology Classes Atlanta we offer  weekly mixology classes in a fun and relaxed environment for private and corporate groups. Our  corporate cocktail making class in Atlanta provides a unique environment to facilitate networking  with clients and cementing relationships in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, it engenders team work  and skill building as you work together to create a delicious cocktail. We can either come at your  office with all the gear required or we can organise a venue in town, the choice is yours.  Want to know more? Send us an email at info@mixologyclassesus.com today! 
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Mixology Classes Atlanta
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     Atlanta
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Mixology Classes Atlanta T - 888 687 1829 (toll free) E - info@mixologyclassesus.com
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Couples - Date Mixology Classes             Atlanta
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Mixology Classes For Bachelorette Parties in Atlanta

The best bachelorette mixology parties in Atlanta with Mixology US Best Mixology Classes for Bachelorettes at super-cool cocktail bars in town! Learn to shake   cocktails like a pro under the strict supervision of your  own personal mixologist!  Whether you love  a classic Cosmopolitan or a more  complex drink, having a mixology class is an amazing  start to  your bachelorette party in Atlanta.  Charming, polite and well able to handle your ladies -  our  mixologists will help kick start your bachelorette party in style!  Tips & tricks will be shared by the professional staff as they  guide you from traditional to modern  in your 90minutes Cocktail Making Mixology Class in Atlanta in shaking and muddling amazing  drinks. Sip proudly on your  cocktail creations with your best girls as our bartenders will take you  through the steps on how to shake up the perfect cocktail! Standard 90minutes mixology classes  with 3 cocktail per person or Premium Classes to include light appetisers and an Open Bar session -  the perfect option for the girls looking to party the night away! 
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Private Mixology Classes Atlanta

Couples Mixology Classes Atlanta

Couples Mixology Classes Atlanta

Why do a mixology class on your date night? Because it’s AWESOME! Trust me, you’ll thank us later.  There are few activities that would make you work together as a couple in Atlanta, get you bonding  and giggling like a teenager and at Mixology Classes US we have have the perfect one for you. Ever  wanted to shake your own drinks just like Tom in “Cocktails”? Go on, you know you did! Get ready to  shake your booty with your date partner like a pro, our Mixology Classes in Atlanta are the “one”  class all couples should take together! Mixology classes are fun because they teach you how to  make tasty, unique drinks with amazingly fresh and wonderful ingredients. There’s no shortage of  alcohol here! So, if you’re looking to have a great time when concocting delicious cocktails, then  book a mixology class in Atlanta with your dear one today!
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Mixology Classes Atlanta
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