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Top Cocktail Bars in Boston Offering Fun Mixology Classes Cocktail Making Classes For Team Building, Couples and Bachelorette’s We’ve taken the original Mixology Class and really mixed things up. Nobody shakes it quite like our crew in Boston. Learn the secrets of our expertly handcrafted cocktails, learn to shake it like a Pro but most importantly, let’s have a party. Perfect for Corporate Events, Team Building Activities, Couples Date Nigh and Bachelorette Parties! Learn the art of mixology at the central cocktail bar & lounges in Boston with some of the finest bartenders around. 

Fun Mixology Classes Boston, the best holiday party activity!  

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Cocktail Making Classes Boston - Fun Mixology Parties

Are you and your friends looking for mixology classes in Boston? At Mixology Classes US - we have  the best cocktail making classes for the mixologist enthusiast in Boston from our central cocktail  bars located in downtown Boston and surrounding areas. Join the Fun and we will teach you how to  make 3 amazing cocktails per class in a fun and relaxed environment. Send us an email with your  group size and we will reserve a place for you at our next available mixology class. 

Cocktail Bars offering Mixology Classes in Boston

With venues located Downtown Boston, Back Bay or North End we will have more than likely have a  cocktail bar near you. Bring your clients and join the fun mixology class, your friends, date (wink) or  bachelorette party and lets get the evening to a great start with cocktails, shaking and loads and  loads of fun! The mixology classes in Boston can be hosted on any day of the week for private  events and  once a week on Thursday we host Open Day mixology classes where everyone can join.  the fun - prior booking is essential. For further details and availabilities in your area send us an   email today at info@mixologyclassesus.com and let’s plan the perfect Get Together!  
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Couples - Date Mixology Classes             Boston
cocktail mixology class Boston cocktail making master class Boston mixology class Boston team building mixology classes Boston
Corporate Event Mixology Classes          Boston
corporate cocktail classes Boston
Birthday Party Mixology Classes            Boston
bachelorette party mixology classes Boston
Mixology Classes Boston
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     Boston

Mixology Classes in Boston for Corporate Events

Cocktail Making Classes in Boston for Team Building, Client Events & Work Night Out! We make booking a Mixology Class in Boston as easy as 1...2...3! Simply decide on a date, send us an  email and get ready for shaking! If you are planning a team building event with your clients or co-  workers in Boston think big and book a mixology class to kick start your party in style! Cocktails -  learn to mix them, shake them and stir them like a pro!   Choose between our standard Mixology Classes which include a 90 minutes cocktails class with 3  drinks per person or go large and book a Premium Package to include the Mixology Class, light  appetisers and then enjoy the next 90minutes of Premium Open Bar - join us and learn to shake it  like Pro - you know you want to! Send us an email at info@mixologyclassesus.com and get ready to shake with the best in Boston!
cocktail making master class Boston
Open Day Mixology Classes
Hosted every Thursday at 7pm
Team Building Classes
Hosted any day of the week
Couples Mixology Classes
Hosted any day of the week
cocktail mixology classes Boston mixology classes for bachelorettes Boston book mixology class in Boston

Mixology Classes For Bachelorette Parties in Boston

Fun Bachelorette Party Activities in Boston - Cocktail Making Classes We are proud to offer our Shake ‘n Roll mixology classes for bachelorette parties in Boston specially  tailored to your requirements - a fun filled activity perfect for the girls with some of the best cocktail  bartenders around. Book your master class in cocktails at a bar in Boston or a mobile lesson and for  one day we will move the cocktail bar to you. Out of the many bachelorette party activities out there  in Boston a mixology class is by far the “One to go for” as unanimously recommended by most  bachelorettes parties!  

“Where can i book a mixology class in Boston?”

The answer is simple, only with Mixology Classes US. We have 2 options - the Standard Mixology  Classes which include a 90 minutes cocktails class with 3 drinks per person or the Premium Package  to include the Mixology Class and light appetisers followed by 90minutes of Premium Open Bar.  Send us an email at info@mixologyclassesus.com and let us kick start your party in Boston in style!
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