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Mixology Classes For Couples in NYC

Fun mixology workshops for couples on a date night in NYC WHY should you join a mixology class for couples in NYC? Because its AWESOME! Going on a date and  now you are looking for interesting and fun things to do? Cinema, bowling, restaurants - been there,  done that! More than once for sure. There are plenty of classes for couples in NYC to choose but  nothing will get you going quite as good as a MIXOLOGY CLASS! Check out our super fun hands-on  Mixology Classes in NYC specifically designed for couples on a date night where you will have the  chance to get your hands dirty at making (and drinking) amazing cocktails. Hosted any day of the  week at our cocktail bar in Gramercy (prior booking is essential) our mixology classes for couples are  the best NYC has to offer. Book a private mixology class or join other couples, learn to make great cocktails in NYC at the best  classes in town with Mixology Classes US!
mixology classes New York
Mixology Classes for Private & Corporate Events and Couples Classes Cocktail Making Classes for Couples, Client Events & Team Building Weekly Mixology Classes in NYC for beginers hosted from the comfort of our downtown cocktail bars ! The best Couples Classes NYC has to offer, amazing mixology themed cocktail class for bachelorette parties and fun team building mixology parties with the best crew in NYC  - Manhattan, Gramercy, East Side...

Mixology Classes New York

Book Corporate and Private Events with Mixology Classes in NYC, fun cocktail making parties!
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Fun Mixology Events in NYC with Mixology US

Book mixology classes in NYC for your office night out, team building or client event and learn how  to shake the best cocktails in town! Learn how to make amazing cocktails with our professional  mixologists! Shake, muddle and stir your way in this 90minutes cocktail making class in NYC where  we will teach you step y step the secrets of Mixology. You will learn tips and techniques used by  world class bartenders and then we will get straight down to action. You will take home great skills to  wow your friends and your next cocktail party in NYC! Perfect for team building parties, corporate and client events or the long awaited Bachelorette Night!  We host weekly cocktail making demo’s at our bars downtown NYC or we can come to your office.  Book the best mixology classes NYC has to offer and learn to shake 3 amazing cocktails per lesson  (standard mixology class). Go Large and book a Premium Class in Mixology for your workmates,  clients or group of friends and enjoy an Open Bar session and light appetisers as well on top of your  mixology class. This one is for the serious players!
mixology classes NYC cocktail mixology classes NYC bachelorette party mixology classes nyc
Mixology Classes New York
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     New York
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Corporate Mixology Classes in New York

Corporate Mixology Classes NYC for Team Building & Client Events downtown NYC Fancy trying your hand at your team building event at pouring the perfect Cosmopolitan, shaking a  Margarita or muddling a Mojito with the help of a professional Mixologist? Join the fun and book your  place at the next  available Mixology Class in NYC for corporate parties where you  and your team  mates will learn the secrets of  Mixology with some of the best cocktail bartenders in New York.   If you’re a fan of the “Shaken, not stirred”  Martini’s or the exotic Mai Tai & Pina Colada the fun hands-  on Mixology Classes in NYC are the perfect Team Building Activity. Wow your clients with a super cool  cocktail making lesson and you will learn how to shake cocktails like a Pro! We make booking cocktail  making classes in NYC a snap! Our Mixology events are designated to those who want more than just  the average afternoon drinking session. Downtown cocktail bars or mobile cocktail making classes at  your office, your  private cocktail mixologist will look after your guests every need helping you to kick  start your Corporate Event, Client Entertaining, Bachelorette or Birthday Party in NYC in style.  
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Mixology Classes NYC

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