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Mixology Classes Phoenix Cocktail Making Parties for corporate and private groups in Phoenix, Arizona
mixology classes Phoenix
Fun Mixology Classes at Central Cocktail Bars in Phoenix, Arizona Team Building Mixology Events & Bachelorette Party Activities Want to learn the basics of Mixology and some of the more advanced techniques of the cocktails making process? What ingredients blend perfect together and what doesn't, what tastes fantastic and how to make it look sensational? Join the best Mixology Classes in Phoenix and impress your friends next time you have a party!
Mixology Events at the best cocktail bars in Phoenix, Az  Fun cocktail making classes Phoenix, perfect for team building events and bachelorette parties.
Learn the art of cocktail making with Mixology Classes Texas Mixology Classes US is the only company providing fun cocktail making classes for the mixology  enthusiasts in Phoenix, Arizona. Perfect for From Mules to Martinis, Mojitos to Manhattans, the  team at Mixology Classes Phoenix will guide you through a maze of ingredients and instructions,  mixing tutorial with demonstrations. Explore the history of cocktail making as well as learning how  to use the tools before you will get to shake your own.  Ideal for corporate client events, team building, bachelorette and private group parties, master the  art of creating cocktails with shaking, stirring and muddling in Phoenix, Arizona with the  professional crew from Mixology Classes US.  

Cocktail Making Classes for Corporate Events in Phoenix, Arizona

Hosted at local cocktail bars downtown Phoenix or we can arrange for a mobile mixology class at  your premisses, our Mixology Events are the best Phoenix has to offer. Learn how to make 3  cocktails with your own private mixologist and then get to shake your own cocktails. Our Mixology  Classes in Phoenix are all about having a good time, we teach each lesson in a fun and relaxed  environment and we would love to work with you as well.   Send us an email at info@mixologyclassesus.com today and don’t forget to add your group size, the  date of the event and if we are not busy teaching classes you will get a reply within hours! 
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Mixology Classes Phoenix
Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes     Phoenix Az
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Birthday Party Mixology Classes            Phoenix Az
team building mixology classes Phoenix
Corporate Mixology Classes                Phoenix Az
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cocktail mixology classes Phoenix
Mixology Classes for Bachelorette Parties in Phoenix Ladies!... this is a fun and fabulous way to get your special evening off to a great start. Learn to mix your favourite cocktails like a pro at the the best mixology events in Phoenix!  A  Cocktail Making Class is a fun experience where you will get your hands dirty at making and drinking  the most amazing drinks with the help of a professional mixologist, our goal to make your  bachelorette party as fun as possible. Fun and interactive mixology hands-on bachelorette party  activities are available to book at cocktail bars in Phoenix any day of the week, learn to make the  finest cocktails with the help of you own Tom Cruise for the night.

“Where can i book a mixology class in Phoenix, Texas?”

At Mixology Classes US we have the best cocktail bars in Phoenix where we host weekly classes or we can organise a mobile mixology class at your accommodation - the choice is yours! They are  entertaining and charming, they're perfect gentlemen and they will guarantee you a night to  remember! Let us kick start your bachelorette party celebration in Phoenix in style, book your  cocktail making class with Mixology US and let the fun begin For further details and availabilities  in your area send us a quick email toady and don’t forget to add  the date of the party and group size at info@mixologyclassesus.com! 
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Open Day and Couples Mixology Classes in Phoenix Fun Mixology Events for couples on a date night in Phoenix, Arizona The next time you ask a girl on a  date—and she agrees—take her to a mixology class. You don’t  have to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail to master this skill. Trust us on this one. A mixology class date  night is all about having fun! If you are looking for date ideas which are a bit different to the usual  bars, clubs, or cinema, then you have come to the right place! At Mixology Classes US we offer fun  cocktail making lessons for couples in Phoenix from the comfort of cosy cocktail lounges located  downtown for your convenience. Join us and learn how to make (and drink of course) 3 amazing  cocktails as instructed by your own private mixologist and then you will get to shake your own - this  is your opportunity to impress your date!  

Why is the Mixology Class a good date night idea?

Countless reasons, really. It’s social. It gives you something to talk about after it’s finished, it’s also  a shared experience. You make a connection with someone with whom you do something difficult.  Plus, you learn a really valuable skill. Even if you end up not having that second date, at least you’ll  know how to make a perfect Manhattan a week later. 
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Bachelorette Mixology Class Phoenix

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Corporate Mixology Class Phoenix

Mixology Classes Phoenix
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