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Team Building Cocktail Making Classes   Corporate Mixology Classes for Team Building, Client Events and Office Day Out New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Houston... Corporate Events & Team Building Activities Cocktail Mixology  Classes - get ready to shake the night away at our fabulous  Cocktail Making Classes. Perfect for Corporate groups from 5 to  100 per session we can either organize the Cocktail Class at our  venues in town or we can bring the bar to you, just let us know.   Book in confidence knowing that you will be looked after by  some of the best cocktail bartenders around, our Cocktail Making  Classes will help you kick start your team building party in style.  With over 200 venues on our panel in over 15 different states we  are one of the only ones able to provide a Mixology Class tailored  to your specifications almost anywhere in US!
cocktail classes for corpprate events mixlogy classes NYC team building mixology classes Houston cocktail making classes Dallas learn to make cocktails San Diego
Bachelorette Party Cocktail Mixology Classes   Fun Cocktail Making Classes for Bachelorette Parties - Mixology Events Las Vegas, New York, Miami Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Houston... Our Cocktail Mixology Classes are the perfect way to get a  bachelorette party or a birthday to a rocking start, are an  effective team building event, or offer that perfect date night  idea with a difference.  We host our mixology classes in some of the excellent cocktails  bars in NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington,  Houston, Seattle, Dallas plus many more. Have a venue in mind?  Simply let us know and for one night we will move the cocktail  bar to you!  Our private mixology classes for bachelorette parties are a  ‘hands on’ event which will teach you the techniques of making  3 cocktails teaching you how to muddle, mix and shake your  own perfect cocktail. It’s an interactive two and a half hour class that is guaranteed to be full of  fun and laughter. Send us your location the date of the event and let us help you plant the perfect  part for you and the ladies! 
bachelorette party cocktail making classes bachelorette mixology class
Mixology Classes For Couples On A Date Night  Fun Date Night Cocktail Making Classes Activities For Couples - Mixology Events New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Houston... Mixology Classes US is proud to offer a unique and exciting set of Mixology Events packages for  couples on a date night and Bachelorettes at our cocktail bars dowtown with some of the most  talented and experienced bartenders the areas we cover have to offer.  Our special Mixology Classes packages are as unique and sophisticated as you are, offering  entertaining evenings that are fully customisable! Whether you're looking for mixology, deluxe  mixology class for you and your date, or simply a hands-on cocktail making lesson in making  some fine signature drinks, there's an option to suit you. We can even come to you! Your special  evening of creative cocktail-making gives you the chance to learn from experienced and award-  winning Mixologists with plenty different add-ons to choose from.
corporate mixology classes
Looking to book a Mixology Class on-line? At Mixology Classes US we have the best Cocktail Making Classes for every  occasion, corporate team building events or bachelorette parties. Join  our fun mixology classes and learn how to shake the best cocktails in a  fun and relaxed environment at some of the best cocktail bars around!