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Team Building Cocktail Making Classes
learn to shake with the pro’s, hand craft cocktail making with the best classes for team building and corporate event
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Corporate Cocktail Making Classes Team Building Mixology Classes for Corporate Clients in NYC, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Miami
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Team Building Cocktail Making Classes  Fun Cocktail Making Parties for Team Building & Corporate Events
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T - 888 687 1829 (toll free) E - info@mixologyclassesus.com NYC/SEATTLE/DALLAS/LAS VEGAS
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Corporate Cocktail Making Workshop  

Fun Team Building Activities - Cocktail Classes for Corporate Outings New York, Orlando, Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Madison, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Columbus, Raleigh,  Washington, Denver, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Miami, New Orleans, Houston - Fun Mixology Classes! Are  you looking for ideas for your next Team Building Event, Office Day Out or Client Entertainment? Nothing  beats a Mixology Class and “Mixology Classes US” is the No1 choice when it comes to mobile cocktail  making workshops across US. From New York to Boston, Seattle, Dallas to Las Vegas we cover all areas.


Fun Cocktail Making Classes available for private and corporate parties! Book a Cocktail Class in New York,  Orlando, Philadelphia or Boston and learn how to shake, mix and muddle your favourite cocktails in a fun  and relaxed environment! Learn how to work seasonal ingredients into your beverages: Begin by covering  the basic techniques of mixology, such as shaking, stirring and muddling. Next lets get creative with  garnishes and why not,  try to come up with a few delicious drinks of your own design. Feel free to go all  mad scientist on the ingredients. For more informations send an email to our Team Building Events   department and let us help you plan the perfect event at your next Office Day Out! 
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Cocktail Making Classes For Team Building  

Mobile Cocktail Making Class & Cocktail Classes at Best Cocktail Bars in town Book a Mobile Cocktail Class and we will send all the required gear and glassware at your location or book  your Corporate Cocktail Masterclass at a venue in town - we can do either, simply let us know. What you  will get is a cocktail class with 3 cocktails per person where you can have one served on arrival as an ice  breaker or we can do the class for 3 drinks in a fun and relaxed environment.   Learn how to make the best Cosmopolitans and Mojito’s just like a pro, shake your own delicious cocktails  with the help of a professional cocktail bartender. Learn the secrets of the beautiful art called Mixology and  give it a go yourself at creating the next best cocktail of the year! Our Cocktail Classes will help you put  together the perfect party, send us an email today at info@mixologyclasesus.com and let us handle the  pressure for you! 
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